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Alix Family and Community Support Society (FCSS)


Alix Family and Community Support Services (Alix FCSS) has been a wonderful resource and support system for the Village of Alix.

Alix FCSS has been commended by FCSSAA as to the amount of programs and services that are implemented for such a small village. This is due to great teamwork between the Community Directors/Coordinators and the outstanding volunteerism of the board and other members of the community.

Many changes have occurred over the years in the FCSS. Coordinators had to sometimes wear two hats, one for FCSS, and one for Rec Board, different coordinators, and in 2009, Alix became their own society and now is Alix Family and Community Support Society. Even with all the changes Alix FCSS has been constant in their support of the community.

There have been many great Coordinators that have sat at the helm of the FCSS committees, each bringing their own style and innovative thinking to the table.

See the history of Alix FCSS

Should you wish to volunteer or have any suggestions for services or programs, please call Glenna Carlson at 403.747.2031 or you can email her.


Mandate of the Alberta Family and Community Support Services

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is an 80/20 funding partnership between the Government of Alberta, and municipalities or Metis Settlements. Provincially, the FCSS Program receives its mandate from the Family and Community Support Services Act and Regulation. The Regulation sets out the service requirements, that a municipality or Settlement must meet to be eligible for funding. At the local level, a municipality or Metis Settlement Council chooses whether to establish a Program, and enters into an agreement with the province to jointly fund the Program. Under FCSS, communities design and deliver social programs that are preventive in nature to promote and enhance well-being among individuals, families, and communities. The programs depend on community resources, often involving volunteers in management and delivery.

The FCSS philosophy is based on a belief that self-help contributes to a sense of integrity, self-worth and independence. The programs developed are intended to help individuals in their community to adopt healthy lifestyles, thereby improving the quality of life and building the capacity to prevent and/or deal with crisis situations should they arise.